While having a website hacked may be just a minor headache for a beginner blogger, it’s a major disaster for a business. For example, if an online company possesses private or sensitive customer data, losing it to hackers is a nightmare that could lead to a reputation blow, fewer sales, and, in some cases, legal consequences. That’s why many entrepreneurs, bloggers, and other people looking to establish their own website ask this question: “Is WordPress…

The page load time of any website is an important factor to increase traffic & conversion for any web site. Visitors always prefer browsing sites that are fast and load quickly. If your site is not loading within an acceptable time limit then you are going to lose visitors and potential buyers forever. Therefore for good page views, users experiences and for better SEO rankings, one must test a site rigorously to remove bottlenecks and…

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension, is a common issue that many users face after installing Wordpress. This happens when the PHP installation on the server is missing the required MySQL extension that is required by WordPress to make connections to the MySQL database it is connected to. Worry not, this is quite easy to fix. There are different ways to fix this depending on the kind of hosting plan you…

Moving a WordPress website can be a daunting task especially if you are not tech-savvy. The process is made complicated by the many inconclusive tutorials available out there. There are two major approaches to moving a WordPress site: 1. Moving the website from one directory to another. 2. Moving your website from one hosting account into another hosting account. We will be going over, “Moving the website from one directory to another” today. In both…

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