DDoS attacks are not new in the cyberspace world. The past five years have seen a surge in these attacks and the DDoS landscape keep evolving as time goes by. So, what is a DDoS attack?  A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is a nefarious cyber-attack that intentionally seeks to disrupt the normal flow of traffic to a server or blocks access of normal service by users by flooding or overwhelming the intended target…

Should Web Hosting Companies Be Losing Sleep over GDPR? The practice of gathering and storing client and customer information has become commonplace in today’s world of online companies and corporations. But with reports of massive data breaches growing unsettlingly frequent, the demands to protect sensitive data are more robust than ever before. From the 25th of May, 2018, these demands will, at least partially, be met by the Council of the European Union, with the…

The internet is a pretty dangerous place. Unlike the real world, the internet is still in it’s infancy , as such most people still have a very brief idea of what the world wide web is capable of. Your website , which might seem to you as secured as a fort on an island, is probably open to a ton of security holes you have no clue about. A SSL certificate fills up a lot of these…

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