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How to add daily backups to your reseller hosting service?

By default our Premium Reseller Hosting services include free weekly backups with a 4-week retention period, that is at any given period of time we will have weekly backups, taken once every week going back to the last 4 weeks available for you to restore from.

However, we do understand that this might not be enough for some and you would like to have backups taken more frequently. With this in mind, we offer our Premium Reseller Hosting users the option to upgrade to our Daily Backup Service. 

How does the daily backup service work?

The daily backup service works exactly like the included free weekly backups however with this upgrade in addition to the weekly backups we also take a backup daily with a 7 days retention period. This means at any given point in time we will have backups of the last 7 days, with 1 backup for each day available for your accounts.

What do the daily backups include?

The daily backups include everything within your cPanel account, files, emails, databases, cronjobs, and other cPanel settings.

How much does the daily backup upgrade cost?

Just like all our services the daily backup upgrade is also priced at an extremely affordable flat fee which is based on the plan you have.

Reseller Hosting PlanDaily Backup Service Cost
Premium Reseller Hosting – RS S$2.5 /mo
Premium Reseller Hosting – RS M$5 /mo
Premium Reseller Hosting – RS XL$7.5 /mo
Premium Reseller Hosting – RS XXL$12.5 /mo

How to upgrade or add the daily backup service to my account?

In order to upgrade or add the daily backup service to your account, log in to your client portal go to My Services, and select the service you want to upgrade.

Once on the services page, from the left side bar, select Upgrade/Downgrade Options.

On this page, set the Daily Backups option to Yes to place the order for the upgrade.

Once you have paid the invoice for the upgrade we will configure the daily backup service for your account.

Updated on March 13, 2024