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Getting Started with Your Reseller Hosting Account

So you’ve got yourself a Reseller Hosting Account on Host4Geeks and can’t wait to get started. Maybe this is your first time using a Reseller Hosting service or perhaps you are getting back into the hosting industry after a long time. In this guide, you will learn about the basics of a reseller hosting service and the many powerful features available to you. To get started using your hosting account, this guide will show you how to customize your hosting account, add and manage your customer accounts and set up your billing software.

Getting all the Information Organized

First and foremost let’s make sure you have all the information that you need to get started. If you are reading this, your account most likely has already been setup on our servers and you should have received an email subjected as RS-M (East Coast, US) Information” or similar, this email contains your login credentials, IP addresses, Nameserver details and other important information, we will keep coming back to this email throughout the course of this guide. 

Next, you should have received an email subjected as “Reseller Hosting M Freebies” or similar, this contains information about the various freebies that are included with your reseller hosting accounts such as a Free WHMCS License, Domain & SSL Reseller Account and others.

Let’s claim that Free WHMCS / Blesta License

If you or on our RS M plan or higher, you are entitled to a free WHMCS or Blesta license. In order to claim this license, please open a support ticket with our Billing Department letting them know the domain where you intend to use this license and you will receive a response with your license key.

Understanding the Concept of a Reseller Hosting Account & The Platform

A reseller account is a modified cPanel account that has additional privileges and access to WHM (WebHostManager). These privileges allow a reseller to manage cPanel accounts owned by itself. Resellers manage their cPanel accounts through the limited WHM interface.

WHM (WebHostManager) – This is the interface from where a reseller creates, manages and administers all it’s subordinate cPanel accounts. This is the interface that we are going to use to create your packages, feature lists, and cPanel accounts. The login URL for this interface would be something like – https://ip-address:2087 or

cPanel – This is the interface that your clients or subordinate users would access and manage their websites, databases, emails, etc. The login URL for this interface would be something like – https://ip-address:2083 or

WHMCS / Blesta – This is the billing and automation system that you would be installed on your domain name and use it to manage your clients, orders, payments, and support. You can refer to their respective websites, or for additional details and help on this as this is not something we will be covering in this guide.

Private Nameservers

WHM Basics

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Updated on February 9, 2024