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Unlimited Hosting – Is it a Marketing Gimmick?

Unlimited Hosting

Is Unlimited Hosting Really Unlimited?

In my previous article I explained how CloudLinux is great in limiting the amount of resources that a particular client can use up and how other clients on the same server wont be affected by one customer abusing the system. After having read the article you may have immediately wondered that if your RAM, CPU usage and no of concurrent processes are limited then why do we say that our plans are unlimited? Therefore, I take this opportunity to explain this apparent dilemma.

Our Phisolophy:

We at Host4Geeks believe that the most difficult option while deciding a host for your new website is to decide how much disk-space and bandwidth will suffice for you once you are fully established. While some will argue that you can always select the lowest package and move up the ladder as required or alternately buy the biggest package and just grow in it, this argument has a basic flaw. If you choose the first option you run the risk of incremental costs as you grow, and if you choose the second option you end up paying much more than what you should without any guarantee of success and fritter away vital capital in the formative years.

Therefore, we provide you with the third option of having an unlimited hosting wherein the amount of disk-space and bandwidth is unlimited. Thus you can concentrate on your website and business without having to worry about how much disk-space or bandwidth you have used up and whether your website will be suspended for exceeding your bandwidth quota or worse you will be given an exorbitant bill at the month end for exceeding your bandwidth quota by a few GBs.

Our Plans:

So what do we offer? We not only offer unlimited disk-space and bandwidth but a host of other unlimited features like unlimited email accounts, unlimited ftp accounts, unlimited MySql databases and much more. Below is a comparison of our Unlimited Hosting Plans.



While we offer unlimited plans we do place some restrictions in the way you can use it and below is a summary of the restrictions and the reason behind it.

  • You can only store data directly linked with your website – We do not want people to abuse our unlimited disk-space plan for storing their personal files, movies, songs etc which have no bearing on the website they host with us. Cases of people having no website and just using the plan as an online backup has also been known.
  • You cannot host a file storage or file distribution service .
  • There are CPU and RAM limitations in place to prevent any single account from consuming excessive resources and over loading the entire server. This has been explained in details in our article on CloudLinux.
  • Although we do not have a hard coded limit on the amount of badwidth and disk space that your account may use at any point of time but if we see that your usage is not suited for a Shared Hosting environment, we will notify you about it. To be practical, you cannot expect to be host a site using about 500GB of disk space and consuming 2TB of bandwidth, on a shared hosting environment.

Many call the Unlimited Hosting a marketing gimmick or some go as far as to call it a scam. We do not see it that way. Our intentions are to make it easy for the end user to make his decision and not baffle him with a ton of options to choose from.

Do leave your comments below on what are your views on “Unlimited Hosting”.


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