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[A Quick Guide] Installing Nginx on a cPanel Server

Installing Nginx on a cPanel Server

Nginx is an alternative web server to Apache (which is bundled with cPanel by default). It offers several performance improvements over Apache. Nginx is the second most widely used web server (Source: W3Techs). This guide assumes that you have root access to your server or VPS via SSH. Before you proceed please note that cPanel does not officially provide support for Nginx as of yet.



Installing Nginx on a cPanel Server

We will first download the package required to install Nginx from. Enter the following commands from your command line:

 cd /usr/local/src
 tar xf nginxadmin.tar
 cd publicnginx

Generate the remote access key in WHM.

Login to your WHM Interface, click on Remote Key Access under Clusters and select Generate New Key

Go back to the command line and enter the following command:

./nginxinstaller install

This will start the installation. If you get an error that says “Remote Access Key does not exist”. Generate a new key and restart the script.

Once the installation completes, Nginx will be integrated with cPanel / WHM. You can manage it from your WHM under Plugins > Nginx Admin.

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