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Customer and Critics’ Reviews of Host4Geeks Around The Globe


Valuable customer reviews are like an intangible asset for your company. They speak the value of your product and services better than your marketing. The more and better reviews you have, the more people will trust your brand and more customers you will have.

The internet is full of fake reviews by affiliates and also on the company’s official websites. But user ratings and reviews on most popular review sites and independent bloggers are the most reliable sources you can trust while making a purchase. Among all the major web hosting providers on the internet, we believe that we don’t need to boast ourselves as client ratings and reviews speak for us.

Here, we are presenting some critic and user ratings and reviews of Host4Geeks all over the internet.

Critics’ Reviews and Customer Reviews

There are more than a dozen web-hosting review sites that exist across the web world. WebsitePlanet is one such website that reviews web hosting services, website builders, logo design services as well as landing pages.

Check out what Solomon Ndung’ u from Website Planet has to say about Host4Geeks:

Website Planet:

“Host4Geeks is one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies with a clientele of 6,000+ customers. It was founded in 2012 and offers a range of hosting services, including shared web hosting, managed VPS, dedicated and semi-dedicated servers, reseller hosting, Odoo hosting, and domain name registration services.”

In this review, he has rated Host4Geeks 4.2 out of 5 based on pricing, features, ease of use, and features. The analysis has been done thoroughly, which entirely covers every aspect of web hosting, including detailed pricing lists for Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Managed VPS, and Dedicated Servers.

In the bottom line, he has also added that:

“Host4Geeks has continued to sell excellent hosting products since its inception over five years ago. Its hosting team has been key in making sure it delivers innovative and satisfactory hosting services that businesses require to succeed online.”


Reviews from the Customers:


So, as per WebsitePlanet, Host4Geeks ranks ahead of some of the oldest web hosting providers, and reasons stated are servers with built-in Nginx and LiteSpeed API with 99.9 uptime guarantee and blazing fast hosting servers with pure SSDs over affordable prices.

iHosting Reviews:

iHosting Reviews has evaluated Host4Geeks for Shared, Managed VPS, and Dedicated web hosting services as per features, pricing, and performance and support primarily in India.

iHosting Reviews says,

“When it comes to a reliable and flexible hosting company, it is They had earned a reputation with a lot of hard work and invaluable services. And the best part is they provide their best of the services at very competitive prices.”

They find vital features of Host4Geeks are Free DNS Hosting, Unified Control Panel, Affordable Hosting Plans, Free SSL Certificates, Amazing Tech Support, and Excellent Data Security.

Moreover, they list the benefits of Host4Geeks as WP-CLI Enabled Servers, Managed Migration, Free SSL Certificates, and Real-time Malware Scanner. iHosting has been actively reviewing hosting services all over India, and according to them, Host4Geeks was the winner of the award for best features 2016.

Reviews Pilot:

Reviews Pilot has chosen the top three fastest WordPress Hosting providers in India, and Host4Geeks is one of them. For pricing, they have taken the base plan of INR 499 per month and also have reviewed the server performance. Also, they have compared the features and pricing with other primary web hosts in India, and results are down here.

Free SSL Certificates, WP-CLI, and Automatic Updates and Patches are some of the essential website elements, and Host4Geeks price has included all of them in its base plan.

According to Reviews Pilot, the performance of Host4Geeks was excellent when they tested it at the server location in Singapore. They recommend Host4Geeks because of the minimum website load time of 700ms and maximum load time of 580ms on an average page size of 1.5MB. Suggesting Host4Geeks as one of the fastest WordPress hosting providers in India after getting results, here are the words that came from their end.

The results are quite surprising and amazing as you can see that they can maintain the figure of 100 Live Visitors along with loading times of under 1 second. Host4Geeks was indeed the top performer in our tests and we would not be wrong is recommending them as your WordPress hosting provider”.


Getting a client for your services is easy, especially when you have the most competitive prices out there, but keeping them on for long time collaboration is the thing of quick customer service and outstanding server performance. The reason Host4Geeks is evolving as one of the fastest-growing hosts is not only affordable rates but indeed great technical support and guarantee of 99.9% server availability. This thing is proven right by one critic named RS WebSols. Check out their thoughts on features of Host4Geeks.

RS WebSols has given thumbs-up to the Reseller Hosting plan and has rated its best upon features, user experience, server availability, tech support, and price. They believe that having a great web host for your server is a crucial part of running a successful website, and that’s why they emphasize features and performance as key things.

After rating all of reseller hosting services, they have come to an affirmative conclusion that’s says:

“If you are searching for a reliable and expert reseller hosting services then Host4Geeks is a name that will be recommended by the technology experts. Within a short period, the company has created a huge database of customers, courtesy to its experienced and well-trained professionals who are available at the client’s service 24×7. If you compare rates of Host4Geeks’s plans with other competitors then you can easily figure out a reason why Host4Geeks has got such a positive reputation amongst the customers. This web hosting company has set a big example for other companies by demonstrating how quality service can be offered to customers at most economical rates”.

Getting a place in critics’ reviews is not a process of a cakewalk. It takes years to get noticed, particularly when there are big brands already taking the lead, and hundreds of other small hosts exist in the industry. But despite a vast competition, Host4Geeks is gradually increasing its clientele, and getting recognition from critics is because of outstanding tech support and very minimal server downtime.

Reviews on Review Platforms

At some point, reviews of critics may appear irrelevant because what they have come to conclude is by their perception and experience contrary to what customers encounter daily. However, Host4Geeks has been winning mostly favorable responses from clients all over the world implies that it is one of the most trusted host brands that exist on the world wide web. With thousands of reviews across most popular review sites, including Google itself, we have listed some of the most useful reviews down here.

Reviews on Trustpilot:

Trustpilot is the most popular online website which plays a host for reviews of online businesses. Getting positive reviews on Trustpilot is like getting back support to grow your business gradually larger. Similarly, if you have more reviews, clients get to know about your brand and your services. For Host4Geeks, it has managed to achieve a score of 4.5 out of 5 with a remark of an excellent host provider on an average of two hundred reviews.

In reviews, clients have acknowledged Host4Geeks’ 24*7 tech support and quick migration of data from their formal servers and appreciated the speedier page loading of their websites.

Reviews from the customers

Reviews on Hostadvice:

Hostadvice is one of the commonly known user review sites for web hosting services. There are almost 4500 host brands available on these sites that have been reviewed by clients across the globe. For Host4Geeks, it has managed to score into the top 100 with an average rating of 9.2 out of 10.

The reliability and support scores are 9.3 out of 10, which indicates Host4Geeks can be trustworthy when it comes to server uptime and any kind of technical support. Considering all of these aspects, the tag under the average score demonstrates Host4Geeks as a Superb web hosting provider.

Reviews from the customers

The most helpful review has been found on the website is as below:

“I needed to change my reseller web hosting and came across Host4Geeks after a web search. They seemed highly rated, and the prices were substantially less than what I was paying. So I took a chance and signed up for Host4geeks’ RS-S service. The entire process was painless. There were no issues at all. Host4Geeks copied all my reseller accounts and websites over to their servers within 24 hours, and there have been no issues at all.

I highly recommend Host4Geeks for your web hosting needs.”

Check out more ratings and reviews here.

Web Hosting Geeks:

For hosts from all over the world, you can trust Web Hosting Geeks as one of the most trusted sources for user ratings and reviews. They have the most significant number of web hosting providers and have reportedly over millions of reviews that have been posted on their website. They represent statistics of every brand uniquely in a kind of bar system, and it’s the way users get knowledge about the strength of your host.

Host4Geeks have got more than a hundred reviews by people from different territories, and most of them are in favor of its services.

Reviews from the Customers:

Users have rated almost every feature as 4 out of 5, and we think that’s a sign of decency. Check out the most helpful review by one user listed on the website here.

Overall great hosting experience

I highly recommend Host4Geeks; my experience with them has been very pleasant. I have Reseller Web Hosting from them, paying 20.95$ for Unlimited 100 cPanel accounts, with a Dedicated IP. + Overall server speed + Pricing + Features (Free WHMCS, CloudLinux, LiteSpeed & many cPanel addons are an outstanding deal for this price) + Support quality (never had an issue which couldn’t be resolved) – Support speed – Occasional outages (still above 99.9% uptime) & cPanel PHPMyAdmin speed I’m very glad I found H4G and I’m not looking to move away!

Host Search:

Host Search is one of the firstborn hosting directories present on the internet. They let users write their own experiences based on features, performance, customer service, server speed, and pricing. In all perspectives, Host4Geeks has scored more than four out of five.

Check out the image below and then the most effective review found on the website.

Reviews from the Customers

Reviews on Google:

Google can be the most reputable source of reviews when it comes to checking out the quality and services of a company and Host4Geeks have managed to obtain an excellent reputation there too.

When your clients are happy with your service, they don’t hesitate to say good things, and much is the same; they will be the first ones to report a problem if they come across a weak service system. But as everything has its pros and cons, positive reviews with four-star ratings say a lot of things about the company, which make one thing clear that Host4Geeks is worthy of having as your web host.

Users’ reviews and ratings weigh more than that are the reviews of critics. If you’re in search of an affordable hosting provider with still better server performance and a list of freebies, there’s no doubt that these reviews are a witness to opting for Host4Geeks right now without having a second thought.

Support On Social Media:

Host4Geeks has actively been operating its services through social networking sites. Whether it’s about marketing or client support, the team is keen on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Some of the webs hosting experts and customers have expressed their views on Host4Geeks on Twitter.

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When a client reaches you to find the right web hosting for their website, they tend to peek at what other users and clients have to say about your service. That means if you value your clients, solve their issues quickly, and provide excellent guidance and support apart from features, they will stay perpetual with your services. For Host4Geeks, they have managed to deliver what it needs to drive a successful business through web hosting plans. These excellent customer reviews and green light from critics observe that Host4Geeks is indeed an innovative web hosting solution and can be the next right web host for all your websites.


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