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How To Change Your WordPress Username

How To Change Your WordPress Username

WordPress, with its immense popularity as a content management system (CMS), empowers millions of websites worldwide. Your WordPress username is your digital identity, crucial for site security, branding, and user interaction. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, knowing how to change your WordPress username is essential. This comprehensive guide explores the significance, step-by-step process, and pros and cons of altering your WordPress username, catering to users of all proficiency levels.

Significance of Changing Your WordPress Username:

1. Enhanced Security: 

Regularly changing your username helps thwart potential hacking attempts, as cyber attackers often target default usernames.

2. Branding and Personalization: 

Updating your username allows for better branding alignment with your website’s niche or your personal identity, enhancing user engagement.

3. Improved Privacy: 

Changing your username can safeguard your privacy by preventing unauthorized individuals from identifying you through your WordPress activities.

4. Professionalism: 

A personalized username lends a professional touch to your website or blog, establishing credibility among your audience and peers.

For Beginners:

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your WordPress Username:

1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard by entering your credentials.

2. Navigate to the Users section and click on Your Profile.

3. Scroll down to the Username field, where you’ll find your current username. Note: WordPress doesn’t allow direct editing of usernames due to security reasons.

4. Below the Username field, locate the Account Management section, where you’ll see the option to Generate Password. Click on it.

5. WordPress will generate a strong password for you. Copy this password or keep it handy.

6. Next, log out of your WordPress account and log back in using the generated password.

7. Once logged in, return to the Your Profile section.

8. In the Username field, enter your desired new username.

9. Scroll down and click on the Update Profile button to save your changes.

10. Congratulations! Your WordPress username has been successfully changed.



  • Simple and straightforward process suitable for beginners.
  • No need for technical expertise or coding skills.
  • Ensures security by generating a strong password during the process.


  • Requires logging out and logging back in, which may disrupt workflow temporarily.
  • Changing usernames frequently might confuse regular users or followers.
  • WordPress doesn’t offer a built-in feature for directly editing usernames, necessitating the password generation workaround.

For Experts:

Advanced Techniques for Changing Your WordPress Username:

1. Utilize a Plugin: 

Several WordPress plugins offer advanced user management features, including the ability to edit usernames directly from the dashboard without the need for password regeneration.

2. Manual Database Modification: 

Experienced users can opt for directly modifying the WordPress database using phpMyAdmin or similar tools. However, extreme caution is advised, as incorrect database modifications can lead to site malfunction or data loss.

3. Custom Code Solution: 

For developers proficient in PHP and WordPress development, creating a custom function or script to change usernames programmatically provides a tailored solution with precise control over the process.


  • Plugins offer convenience and flexibility, allowing users to bypass the password regeneration step.
  • Manual database modification grants full control over the process, suitable for advanced users comfortable with backend operations.
  • Custom code solutions provide a highly customizable approach tailored to specific requirements or site configurations.


  • Overreliance on plugins may introduce security vulnerabilities or compatibility issues.
  • Manual database modification carries a higher risk of errors or unintended consequences if not executed properly.
  • Custom code solutions require coding expertise and thorough testing to ensure functionality and compatibility with WordPress updates.


Changing your WordPress username is a fundamental aspect of website management, encompassing security, branding, and professionalism. 

This comprehensive guide elucidates the significance and intricacies of altering your username, offering step-by-step instructions tailored to beginners and advanced users alike. 

By following the outlined procedures and considering the pros and cons, you can confidently work on how to change your WordPress Username to align with your evolving needs and preferences, enhancing your online presence and security posture.


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