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[4 Simple Ways] How to Boost Conversions for your Hosting Website

4 Ways to Increase Conversion

Conversion Boosting Tips for Hosting Website.

A successful online business needs a lot of attention in a lot of areas. You need to make sure that you have a robust website, a functional marketing plan , efficient analytics and optimized conversion funnels. We talked about how to gather more clients for your web hosting business in our last blog. Today , we will be looking at 4 super simple ways of increasing conversion rates on your website , which are as followed:

1.Use Awesome CTAs

A good CTA (or a Call-to-Action) is the chief ingredient in the recipe for an effective marketing plan. The call- to- action in the digital world is a button asking you to do something (an action). It could be a button asking you to learn more or one asking you to submit your emails in exchange for some juicy piece of information. It can be anything and it can be everything , the only thing to care about is that the said action that is called for , needs to provide value to either your customers as well as your business.

Michael Aagaard of Unbouncesays that CTA is the “tipping point between bounce and conversion.” So a good CTA is one which makes your customer do things that they were not doing (at least as much) without using the CTA.

The easiest way for a high conversion CTA is to Make the action provide value (or at least appear to provide value) to the customer. The button should offer a benefit for the audience, an action that the customer actually wants to complete. Instead of using verbs like Click here, Download, Submit, etc. try to use ones with a friendlier tone, one that create less friction in the minds of your visitors. Ones like, Get My Free eBook , Stay Connected, Join the Fun, Let’s Talk, Give Me More or Watch Right Now

2. Use Dedicated Landing Pages for PPC Advertisements

A landing page , in general terms is the page that a visitor lands on when it clicks a link pointing to your website. This can be from social media, SEO linkbuilding efforts, E-mails or Advertisements. While the other channels too would do better if they have their own landing pages for all sales related links, not having a landing page for your PPC Ads is something you should stop doing immediately.

The very concept of PPC Ads is that you pay per click. The more visitors that come on your website, the more you pay. Whether the visitor is becoming a customer or leaving after a single second has nothing to do with the Advertisement money you are shelling out. An optimized landing page, having all the information you want the customers to see has a much higher conversion chance than showing them the generic website home page.

Now how to make a high converting landing page, you might ask. There is no strict answer to this as each company has different things it needs to be displaying it’s customers, depending on location, business type, customer base and a lot of other factors. An online apparel store would benefit more if it is showing similar clothing in a landing page for an outfit, while a lawyer firm would rather be showing customer reviews to build credibility. So try and test till you find the best fit.

3. Keep doing A/B and Multi- Variant Testing all the time

The one thing that guarantees that you will never fail, is testing. Test as much as you can, with everything you can. E-mailers, Social Media Campaigns, Pop-Up Ads, content, do it for everything.

A/B Testing is one of the digital world’s most followed testing method where you make one change in the campaign you are running. Then you show each version of the campaign to two different sets of a small number of people coming under the same demographic. Whichever worked better is the one you keep. You keep on making one change till the time you find the perfect fit for your audience.

Multi-Variant Testing is quite similar to A/B Testing, the only difference being you make multiple changes instead of just one. It is a faster way of finding a good fit for your audience but it is not as thorough as A/B Testing.

4. Fewer Input Fields in Lead Forms

Leads forms are boring and until one is super interested in the deal , folks don’t want to waste 5 minutes entering details. Potential customers who are not a 100% sure that they want you to host their websites might leave because they don’t want to give all their information to you (yet). So, you cut down the fields they are entering.

The most important information from a lead form for a web hosting company is the visitor’s email.Once you have that , you can make follow up calls anytime you want. If you do want other fields, try to make them optional. This gives the visitor power and has a better chance of him actually entering data into all the fields than him bouncing away.

So, snip-snap, cut down your input fields in your lead forms as soon as you can. Let your sales rep do the closure with emails .

Summing It Up

Conversion is a big game hunt. Therefore it takes time, patience and practice. However, if you use the 4 tips mentioned above you will see that the visitor/customer ratio has risen up pretty fast. If there are any other ideas you guys have do share them in the comments section


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