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How to access your Server or VPS via SSH?

We provide root SSH access to our clients who have a VPS or Dedicated hosting service with us and jail shell access to our cPanel hosting services. While Linux and Mac both offer SSH clients as a part of their terminal or shell applications, windows don’t. For Windows users, we recommend using a free program called Putty. In order to connect to your account with SSH access, you can use the Putty SSH client.

Before we get started with this you must know and identify the SSH port for your service. For unmanaged servers and VPS with this will most likely be 22, however for all managed services and hosting accounts, you will need to contact a support representative to get your SSH port.

Step1. Open Putty

Step2. Configure your connection.

A. In the Host Name field, enter the IP address of your server.
B. In the Port, set the port you have received in the welcome email.
C. Connection type should be ‘SSH’

Step3. Click Open.

Step4. If this is your first time connecting to the server from your computer, you will see the Putty Security Alert. Accept the connection by clicking Yes.

Step5. Once the SSH Connection is open, you should see a terminal prompt asking for your username:

login as:

If you are connecting using root user then use root and click enter it will ask for the password, paste your root password and click enter to connect to your server.

For Linux/Mac System

Open the terminal and enter the below command:

ssh [email protected] -pXX (replace with the IP address of your server and XXXX with the port provided to you. )
{enter your root password}

That’s all, you will be able to access your server with the above steps. If you still face any issues then please open a support ticket and our team will assist you with the issue.


Updated on February 9, 2024