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  • @Host4Geeks Totally hyped!

  • Also, big shout out to @Host4Geeks for all their hard work mitigating the massive DDoS attack this week.

  • Just to let you know, I really like @Host4Geeks, if only they had a service to get me to finish making my website. Guilttrip4geeks, anyone?

  • @granulac I've always had great customer service from @Host4Geeks though I'm not sure if they would move your website.

  • @Host4Geeks The next step will be health and IO for the disks, because thats really important

  • @Host4Geeks Automatically detects postgres, mysql, apache, mongodb, redis, nginx and elasticsearch.

  • God created the world in 7 days, well it took 9 months to create me so clearly I’m a big deal.

  • @shelovesfrogs @Host4Geeks I agree! The downtime sucks, but I'm glad that Host4Geeks investigated the issue, and was honest about it. :)

  • A study claims the key to a perfect night's sleep is going to bed at exactly 10PM, having a cup of tea beforehand, and wearing pajamas.

  • I've been impressed with the changes that @Host4Geeks have been rolling out for backyard, it's looking really nice.

  • @Host4Geeks You've got a fantastic support team, just FYI.

  • @Host4Geeks Awesome, love you guys!

  • Thank you @Host4Geeks for the smooth upgrade today, everything was seamless

  • @Host4Geeks aww, I'm glad :) you guys are lovely and I recommend you to anyone who'll listen :)

  • Earlier YouGov asked me when a company had surpassed my expectations recently. I said @Host4Geeks. Cause they really did!

  • @Host4Geeks I'm so happy with the service I've received from your company so far! Whoo hoo! #Host4Geeks

  • So far I am loving my new host, @Host4Geeks. They have been nothing but fast, helpful, and reliable! #host4geeks

  • After being failed repeatedly by 2 hosting companies, I'm happy to say that @Host4Geeks has done a GREAT job with my dedicated server!

  • @Host4Geeks I am with u and staying. I have a remaining vps with them kinda wish I didn't have it with them!!! #host4geeks are amazing

  • Super Smart @host4geeks was 'listening' to a convo I was having about hosting, popped in with several solutions. #smartsocial

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