SolusVM Exploit

  • 16th June 2013
PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION CAREFULLY. THIS INFORMATION IS RELEVANT TO ALL VERSION OF SOLUSVM, INCLUDING BETA VERSIONS.   In the last few hours a security exploit has been found. This email is to inform you of a temporary fix to eliminate this exploit whilst the issue is patched and transferred to our file servers for ...
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Global Wordpress Bruteforce Attack

  • 12th April 2013
Global Wordpress Bruteforce Attack affecting all Wordpress Installations **IMPORTANT MESSAGE PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE ANY PARTS OF IT** Details on what a Bruteforce attack is- As we put up this announcement, ...
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Presenting the new Control Center

  • 26th March 2013
Hello all, Many of you might have already seen this but nevertheless this is an official announcement. We have a brand new interface for your Control Panel. Previously knows as cPanel, it has now been branded as “Control Center” and features a completely re-designed UI. The entire panel has a much smoother look and comes with 5 default ...
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Server2 Migration

  • 1st March 2013
Now, after a couple of days from the outage, we have decided to replace the Server with a completely new Server. This will not only make things better but also improve services as a whole. The new server was racked yesterday and we have spent an entire day setting it up and optimizing it for usage. This new server has received some important ...
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