European Union Value Added Tax

Monday, July 11, 2016

The following only applies to clients with physical addresses located in the European Union. Clients with addresses in any other part of the world may ignore this announcement.

Since we are a non-EU supplier of electronic services to customers in the European Union, Host4Geeks LLC is required to charge VAT to customers located in the EU. We will be adding VAT to invoices for EU clients starting immediately. If you have a valid VAT ID, you will be able to submit it to us.

For more information on how Host4Geeks is handling VAT please see this article -

For information on how to submit your VAT ID, please see this article -

For the current VAT Rates, please see this article -

You can read more about the new tax rules here:

If you have a PayPal subscription set to pay us automatically each cycle, and if you do not have a VAT ID, you will need to update your subscription at PayPal to cover the new amount. You can do that when you receive your next invoice. You can always pay invoices manually (no subscription) if you'd prefer. This does not impact clients paying us via Credit / Debit Cards. The new amount will automatically be charged if you have your card stored with us.

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