Important Changes & Upgrade to Managed VPS Backups

  • Tuesday, 19th February, 2019
  • 04:53am

We have a saying at Host4Geeks, "the importance of your data is directly proportional to the number of backup copies you keep" and as a part of our commitment to offering services of the highest standard possible at an price that is affordable we have always bundled free backups with all our hosting services.

Do not worry, this is not changing at all. In fact we are taking things a step further.

Moving forward, all Managed VPS services (both old & new) include free weekly backups. We backup your Managed VPS on a weekly basis and store 4 retention points, that is at any given point we are usually able to restore your VPS from the past 4 weeks. Our backups do not count against your disk space usage.

A few important points to note about this free backup service is as follows:

Full VPS Restore

We can restore your entire VPS from any of the available 4 retention points.

    - To have your full VPS restored open a ticket requesting so. We will provide you with a list of available restore points for you to choose from.
    - During a full VPS restoration, your VPS will be offline.
    - All your existing accounts, files, folders, settings, etc will be restored as a part of the full account restoration and all existing data will be overwritten.
    - The time taken to perform a full VPS restoration depends on the amount of data and the size of your VPS as such we may not be able to provide you with an ETA to the full restoration.

Partial VPS Restore / Restore Individual Files or Folders

We can restore specific files or folders from any of the available retention points for a fee of $10 per incident, regardless of the number of files or folders that are to be restored.

    - MySQL databases using the InnoDB storage engine cannot be restored unless ALL databases are restored. MyISAM databases can be restored individually.
    - cPanel accounts that have been deleted cannot be restored.
    - We can, however, restore information which may have been deleted from an account such as emails or files. If an email account itself was deleted though, this account would need to be recreated via cPanel and we could then put the email files back in it. If you have any questions about this please ask us via a support ticket.
    - Multiple files/directories can be restored with a single restore attempt, we will just need a list of these files/directories. Subsequent requests will be treated as new requests.

Daily Backup Service

Starting immediately, we now offer our paid daily backup service at a nominal cost of $10 per VPS, regardless of the amount of data that is to be backed up. Existing clients can add this service by simply contacting our billing department.

How does the daily backup service work?

– As a part of our daily backup process, we backup all cPanel accounts, Emails, Files & Databases on a daily basis and store them on a backup server

– We keep each backup for 7 days. That is, at any given time you have access to past 7 days of backups and can choose to restore from any of the available retention points.

– Restoration can be in the form of a full cPanel account, individual files or folders or a specific database.

– There are no charges for the restoration of backups when using the daily backup service.

These changes are effective and available immediately. Should you have any further questions do let us know.

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