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Where we are and what are our plans for the near future

Hello everyone,

My name is Adam, I’m have been working for a few months now at Host4Geeks as the Technical Operations Manager. Firstly, I’d like to wish everyone a very happy and fruitful new year! 🙂

December and the end of year is the period where every person and company thinks often what he accomplished this year and what are the plans for the future.

I would like to speak a little about what Host4Geeks has been through recently, and also what are our plans for the next year.

Recent months have been very busy for all of us at Host4Geeks – We have moved our servers to a whole new level, we are now using Hybrid Server Setups for all of our servers. Using Hybrid Drives allows us to offer a even better service at the same price, a combination of HDD for static data and SSD drives for MySQL queries improve overall server performance by 200-400%.

It’s hard to give a clear result, since many websites have different content, the scripts that we use each day are using different queries – some are optimized better than others, however in our industry we MUST be ready also for the second.

Besides the Shared Servers changed, we also made major changes on how our Managed Services work, we are working all the time and writing scripts, softwares and changing our methodology to make life easier for the staff at Host4Geeks, and at the same time make everything simpler and smoother for our clients, which is not a easy thing to do, needs a significant of time and research, but it’s doable.

There are some things that require more than other, we prefer to test everything throughly before putting it live on our servers, so You, as our client won’t be having any issues – The idea is, that our clients shouldn’t even notice that we changed something, especially when we are doing security-side tweaks and changes.

So, what’s coming up next in 2015?

I will write a short roundup of what we are planning to implement in the upcoming year, some of these features might not be implemented at all (after testing we might decide to not implement it, if we will notice that they do not meet our expectations, or that it may negatively affect You).

  1. VPS/Managed Nodes with Flashcache (Adding flashcache should greatly increase the I/O perfromance of our nodes). How does Flashcache work? Flashcache is basicly a SSD Drive (or Drives), that take most of the file operations on themselves, and depending on the IO currently on the HDD, they are slowly moving the files from themselves onto the HDD, thus reducing the IO workload of the HDD greatly.
  2. Automate as many tasks as possible (So the staff here at Host4Geeks will have more time for other tasks).
  3. Upgrade our Monitoring Systems (So we can take early reaction in case of noticing abnormal behaviour of our whole Infrastructure).
  4. Improve our Infrastructure even further (We are thinking all the time, planning and doing brainstorms in order to implement new things that will benefit all of us).

I thank you all for your continued support and the positive feedback you have given us, it is what encourages us to keep improving ourselves.

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