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Let’s Encrypt at Host4Geeks – Free SSLs for everyone!


Unlimited Free SSLs for everyone!

Now that we have your attention, follow along.


Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority with an ambitious goal to encrypt as much WWW traffic as possible. They issue secure certificates for your websites and are absolutely free. Let’s Encrypt is supported by major players like Mozilla, Akamai, Cisco, the EFF, the Internet Security Research Group and others. Their goal is to provide free, automatic and secure certificates so that every website can be secured with an SSL certificate.


This is not the first attempt at offering free SSLs to encrypt the majority of the web traffic. CloudFlare, back in September of 2014 started offering their Universal SSL which supported HTTPS traffic to all websites using CloudFlare.


Why is it important to encrypt your traffic?


Unencrypted HTTP traffic flying across the internet can easily be monitored. Anyone on the internet can peek on traffic and spy on anyone. We at Host4Geeks are committed to ensure that your data and traffic remain private and one good solution is encryption!


When you see the following icon in your web browser’s address bar, you can be assured that the traffic between your computer and the website is encrypted and secure.



This may not seem to be very important initially but imagine yourself shopping at a website that does not use SSL and when you pay for your order using a credit card the details of the card and other information that you enter are transmitted between your computer and the website and if this data is not encrypted anyone in between would be able to peek into this transmission and obtain your credit card details. Scary? It should be.


Till now if you had a website and wanted to secure the traffic between your website and the visitor you’d have to purchase a SSL certificate, we’ve been offering them at an already affordable price of $8.95 /yr. But this was still an entry barrier for many.


Starting today you can install a free SSL certificate on your domain hosted with Host4Geeks powered by Let’s Encrypt. They are absolutely identical to just any other paid certificate, the offer the same levels of encryption and security. They are recognized across all major browsers and are easy to install and manage. The only major difference being, while traditional certificates are valid for a year and above. Let’s Encrypt’s certificates are valid for 90 days but can be easily renewed and are free.


We are committed to a more secure web and are now supporting and offering free Let’s Encrypt SSLs on all our Shared, Reseller and Semi-Dedicated Hosting plans with support for VPS and Dedicated clients coming soon even if this means taking a hit on our paid SSL sales. We will still continue to offer our paid range of SSL certificates that you can purchase.


At this moment, Let’s encrypt only supports domain validated SSLs and they have no plans to offer Extended Validated certificates (so no green bar folks!).


How do you get one?

We are still working on integrating this feature into our control panel till then, just login to your Client Portal and navigate to Support > Request Let’s Encrypt Certificate and we will install the certificate for you.

We now have an easier way to do this from your cPanel interface, take a look at this knowledgebase article.


If this saves you a few dollars, we welcome you to send over a small donation to the wonderful guys over at Let’s Encrypt – Donate via PayPal.

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