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Exclusive offer for existing clients!

What’s up peeps? I’ve got something for all you wonderful people already hosting with us.

As with most hosting companies we’re always running promotions to bring new customers on-board however this often means existing customers often get ignored or miss out when it comes to promotions. At Host4Geeks we love doing things differently. So, we often run promotions and rewards for existing clients too.
Between 25th July and 15th August we will add an additional 20% to any credit balance added to your account greater than $10. This means if you add $100 your credit would be raised to $120 and $200 would be raised to $240. This account credit would be automatically used to pay for any future renewal or upgrade invoices. You can also use it for ordering new services, addons and domains.
Adding funds to your account is simple:
1. Log in to your account at
2. Once logged in there is an “Add Funds” link under “Hello, YOURNAME!”
3. You’ll then be able to choose the amount you wish to add and the payment method and will be taken to the chosen payment gateway.
4. Once you have successfully added funds to your account please reply to this email or open a ticket to the billing & sales department so we can add the bonus credit.
Note this promotion does come with a few basic terms:
– If the funds are charged back or disputed the bonus will be lost and account suspended.
– Account funds cannot be refunded or withdrawn.
– The credit is added manually so you must contact us after adding funds.
Magician 🙂


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