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Customer Spotlight: Sam Cady – UK


This month on Host4Geeks’ Customer Spotlight, we speak to Sam Cady, a young and budding architect from London, UK.

Q. Tell us a little about you, where do you live and what do you do?

A.  Hello, what can I tell you about me, well…my name is Sam and I am a baby Architect. I say baby Architect because I am still studying. It takes about seven years here in the UK, to become a fully registered Architect, and I started my studies in 2008. I’ve recently moved to London, which is such a buzz, and a complete change from the sleepy beach town I grew up in.  I’m also a freelance graphic designer, and a full time Architectural Assistant. As if my life wasn’t hectic enough I’m also a champagne waiter and barman, and recently host tables at the British Television Awards.

Q. Where can we find your website?

A. You can find my website at

Q. What technology/platform is your website based on?

A. My site is based on WordPress. After years of webdesign and painful HTML I decided that I couldn’t keep up anymore and switched to CMS, which has saved me so much time and effort!

Q. How did you get started in Architecture & Planning?

A. I like to think that Architecture (and planning – it’s my guilty sin) chose me. I guess I have always been creative, I have just never really know what I have wanted to do with it, and in a way I still don’t! After training as a Graphic Artist at college I decided to study for a degree in computer science, I lasted about 8 weeks, and dropped out. I was visiting my friend at his university campus and stumbled upon their Architecture department. It ticked all the boxes for me, thoughtful, intelligent and creative – not to mention Architecture is rated one of the worlds “sexiest” professions!

It’s not all been sweet success though.  This year the recession has hit our industry pretty badly and having just graduated I came into the industry at the worst possible time! Struggling to get my foot in the door I set up my own design consultancy (quite the risk for a greenhorn!), and worked with new and repeat clients offering both Graphic and Architectural design solutions. Host for geeks has really helped me here, without you I wouldn’t have been able to put my name out there (and host massive drawing files with clients ha!).

Q. Any of your projects/designs that you are extremely proud of?

A. I think like many designers, when you look at your own work you see the flaws. I’m constantly flicking through my portfolio and thinking “should have done this” “need to change that”. However I have recently been accepted to study for a Masters in architecture…after an in depth critique of just about everything I have ever done in architecture ha! So I guess on the whole, all of my work! If I really had to choose it would be my final year  project Ecclesiastical Exemption which really allowed me to explore topics I was interested in, in a style and way that I wanted to – I ended up designing a secret distillery hidden inside a monastery!

I also absolutely adore my CV – which is quite egotistical I guess! It’s a fold out document which tells you all about me, and contains work samples. I give them to literally everyone I meet and like to think they are on the walls of many studios! It’s my calling card, and it’s what people remember me for.


Q. Apart from your professional work anything else that you are fond of?

A. The way we are trained as designers becomes engrained in you, so it’s quite difficult to separate my professional interests and personal interests. That said I am known for being a bit of a party animal, and love nothing more than socialising at the weekend – In vodka we trust – I guess you could say mixology is also an interest of mine! On the flip side nothing beats a good book; I’m really into cultural theory and sociology, my current read is A Thousand Plateaus.

Q. How long have you been with Host4Geeks?

A. I’ve been with H4G for about six months now, and so far not looked back.

Q. How were you introduced to Host4Geeks?

A. H4G tweeted me offering me a better service, after I whinged about my old provided on twitter!

Q. One thing about us that you love the most?

A. H4G fits with my style and ethos to business, you provide a great service in a friend, personal and customised way.

Q. How can we connect with you? Twitter, Facebook?

You can find me on LinkedIn under Sam Cady. My professional YouTube is and I don’t use facebook – would you believe – Ain’t no one got time for dat!

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