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Customer Spotlight: Albert Qian – Social Media Consutant

This month on Customer Spotlight, we speak to Albert Qian, a young and budding social media consultant.
Q. Firstly thanks a lot for taking your time out to talk to us. Tell us a little about you, where do you live and what do you do?
My name is Albert Qian and I live in Santa Clara, California in the heart of Silicon Valley. I work at Santa Clara University’s Alumni Association as the Assistant Director of New Media and Career Networking, where I create content, monitor, and connect for and with users on our social media channels. I also assist the event team with networking event ideas. 
On the side, I also have my own businesses. I recently finished writing a book called “The Social Media Ecosystem”, now available on Amazon, and I consult companies on their own social media strategies. In addition, I also have a company called “Networking Takes Heart” where I create unique networking experiences and bring in everyday heroes to speak about their stories and how relationship building has helped them. 
Here are their sites: 
SCU Alumni Association: 
Q. Where can we find your website?
You can find my personal site at 
You can find my other site at 
Q. What technology/platform is your website based on?
WordPress 3.6. Networking Takes Heart runs on the Zenon Theme, my personal site runs on the BizzCard Theme. 
Q. How did you get started in SEO Consultancy?
I got started in social media 4 years ago. I was an intern at my alma mater in literally the same office (and the same desk too!) when the communications director walked out of her office and asked for volunteers to help on our social media channels. I raised my hand and the following summer I fell in love with the job as the potential for a career. In the time since I’ve worked for social media in regards to startups, higher education, as well as B2B corporate America. 
Q. Any of your projects/designs that you are extremely proud of?
I am proud of my book, The Social Media Ecosystem. It’s the first book I have ever written. 
I am also very proud of my event business, Networking Takes Heart. The last event I had was attended by over 100+ people and we had some great speakers. 
Q. Apart from your professional work anything else that you are fond of?
I’m really proud to live in Silicon Valley. There’s no other place like this, where you can be at the forefront of high technology, work with innovative minds and thinkers, and learn how to do it yourself. I used to want to move out of here, now this place has begun to grow on me. Opportunity here is the name of the game. 
Q. How long have you been with Host4Geeks?
8 months. 
Q. How were you introduced to Host4Geeks?
I was found on Twitter. 
Q. One thing about us that you love the most?
Customer service is fast! 
Q. One thing about us that you would like to change?
Other than the occasional outage, not much. 
Q. How can we connect with you? Twitter, Facebook?
Twitter: @albertqian
Personal Page – 
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