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2012: The year in review.

So here it is, 2012 is finally over and we are all still alive. The 21st was “just another day” for the entire world.  

For us here at Host4Geeks, it has been a pretty eventful year and a long one. We kicked off our online presence back in May, 2012 and since then it has been an uphill journey. What started off with just 2 guys is now a strong team of dedicated and hard working “geeks”. Yes, we are still small and we are able to continue to offer you with a completely personalized and awesome experience when hosting with us. We are immensely grateful to all of our clients for their continued support, it is people like you who encourage us and make our job love-able.

Every tweet that you make about your wonderful experience with us, is a “feather in our caps”. Some interesting events in 2012 that directly relates to us are:

  • 29th May: Host4Geeks launches it’s online presence and starts accepting orders.
  • 29th May (4 Hours since launch): We receive our first order and our first client (we are proud to still have our first client with us even today).
  • 29th May (20 Hours since launch): We have a strong client base of 5 customers.
  • 7th July: It’s a day of celebration as we receive our 100th client.
  • 25th October: Reports of Hurricane Sandy heading towards the US comes in, we are in constant contact with our Data center providers seeking updates on measures have been put in place.
  • 29th October: Sandy hits hard. Wrecks havoc across the nation. Power lines are disrupted.
  • 29th October (Late): We still remain up and all our connectivity lines to the servers remain intact and fully functional.
  • 30th October: Sandy subsides and we have been able to maintain 100% uptime during the storm.
  • 5th December: New employees hired, new website and services launched.
  • 22nd December: We officially break our highest sales record and December becomes the month with the highest sales for us.
  • 30th December: Fully satisfied clients. Offering services from 3 Data centers across US.

Yes we are still going strong, thanks to all of you for your continued love and support.

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